Artist in Residence: Maria Bablyak

Reflections on Past Is Prologue, Triad's concert in June 2018.

Painting of a Capitol in spring. Oil on canvas, 16"x20". This building represents history, the past; yet agreements (good or bad) for the future are happening there. In contrast, spring symbolizes new beginnings. New leaves and flowers are growing on old branches.

Wrath of a Goddess. Oil on canvas, 22"x28". Often things need to be burned, cleared out in order to give way to new beginnings. There might be creative power in destruction.

Tango dancers. Acrylic on canvas, 36"x24". Dance is a link between past, present and future. Based on traditions it's evolving and being performed still. And once dance is finished that might be the beginning of a relation. Inspiration for more dancing.